Sunday, June 28, 2009

Triangle happenings

Back from hiatus, I hope. I need to have another blog post before it gets left in the wayside of a lazy summer. I was waiting on pictures to be uploaded but it's been a while since I did that. My birthday was awesome, as evidenced by pictures on facebook. Being on the east coast is getting better and better every day. Nick and I are finally getting into a niche here, especially now that I have more time to enjoy things in the summer.

I'm recovering from injuries sustained in softball last week. As I was running to first base, I fell and ended up scraping my face, hip, and knee. I now have awesome scabs on my face that are fortunately covered up by my bangs so that strangers on the street don't give me weird looks. The swelling has gone down, too. I was gonna post a pic for you guys but I decided you should be spared the grossness of it. Nick laughs because I say my face is busted, which he says it isn't. He's so sweet.

The upside of the story is that I was apparently safe due to an error and my pinch runner scored the first of our 10 runs that inning. It led to a comeback from a score of 2 - 11 to our win at 16 - 13. It's got to be my best sports story of all time, considering me and sports don't mix. I guess I can tell my future kids about my great time in softball giving me the scars on my face.

Another highlight of last week was the Best of the Triangle party thrown by the Independent, celebrating all the great restaurants in Durham, with art and music. Nick and I had a great time sampling free food, listening to music, and checking out local art along with a few Nick schoolers we saw there. I even bought two pieces of art for a grand total of $45. One is a shirt with a screenprint of a mixed media piece of the West Village repurposed building in downtown. I got to choose the shirt and the art piece. The second piece is a tiny, about 2x3," abstract contemporary acrylic print painted on the back of an old library catalog card by an artist whose work I've seen around town.

The last great thing about this area we just checked out is the Carrboro farmer's market. It's much bigger than its Durham counterpart. There were lots of great farms there, with meat options Nick and I were interested in and lots of beautiful flowers. We ended up getting green and wax beans, basil, cucumbers, and green bell peppers. We even bumped into a fellow Nick schooler who was having his last hurrah before moving to DC.

Talk to you guys soon in the next post (hopefully) with pictures!