Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I've been reading a bunch of "I'm thankful for..." posts today so I thought I'd write my own.

I'm thankful for:

1. My family. They all happen to be in CA right now and my mom's side is all together this Thanksgiving except for me. Tear. They give so much support it's crazy. And they're crazy loud when they get together. I'm going to miss it.

2. Nick. He is just awesome. I am so glad we made the journey out east together. Not only is he the nicest person ever, he's also a great baker. He solves many problems with his rice krispy treats, zucchini bread, and chocolate cookies. Can you believe it will be 7 years in January?

3. Annika and Cassidy. They deserve their own mention because they are too cute to be lumped in with everyone else. These pint-sized bundles of joy/stress/love have so many moments of adorableness that when I'm down, I just look at their pictures and feel better.

4. Friends. Friends from all aspects of life that we seem to collect along the way. From the SGV, Davis, and Durham...hopefully many more to come.

5. A roof over my head. I'm so fortunate to be able to afford a place to live. I take this for granted but for so many people this isn't the case.

6. Food. Sometimes I also take food for granted. I'm lucky to be able to eat locally and out whenever I want. I think life would be so boring without the total enjoyment of food.

7. The internet. Yes, this is sort of a silly choice but it does help me communicate with the world, procrastinate, and find really good recipes really easily.

8. The number 8. It's my favorite number in the whole world. This is also sort of silly. However, I desperately wanted to have 8 things on my list. Because, you know, it's my favorite number.

Happy Thanksgiving! Nick and I are going to make a turkey and lots of other food. Will update with pics when we get them.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Piedmont Restaurant

We're coming into the last stretch for this semester. I'll be glad when December 10th comes around! I can't believe we only have one semester left, too.

I'd like to talk about one of our favorite places. Piedmont is located near the farmer's market so more often than not we eat there for Saturday brunch after getting our produce. Since we generally go after the farmer's market we almost always get the same table. I've taken to calling it "our table."

It's a contemporary space with a loft-like feel. Brunch is simple but sophisticated. I hope to do a brunch post sometime in the future. This post is about a dinner we had back in September that was quite memorable. We don't often do dinner there but I think we were on our way to the theater that night and decided to make a date out of it.


We shared a gnocchi course that was simply amazing. The gnocchi had been seared in butter and had the most delicate flavor, enhanced by the poached egg on top. I love gnocchi but always regret ordering it because the portion sizes are too big for such a rich dish. Here, sharing made for the best enjoyment.

I had a housemade Italian sausage and polenta dish in a tomato broth with broccoli rabe. While this dish hasn't been my favorite out of what I've had there, the execution was solid and the polenta was creamy.


Nick had a fish dish. In fact, I can't remember anything about what was in it except that he really, really liked it. The fish was cooked really well. Oh, I just remembered Piedmont's website has menu archives. Nick's dish was seared NC wahoo with sambuca braised fennel and puttanesca sauce.


We shared a walnut cake with housemade vanilla bean ice cream that was so, so good. I cannot tell you how much I still think about this cake today and wish I had another slice. I was a good friend that night, however, and got a slice to go for a friend that had just taken her first organic chemistry test.


Piedmont is a great place for upscale food in a contemporary setting without the upscale atmosphere. They're laid back because they know their food is great. And that's how I like it.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tacorriendo Las Delicias

I have a confession to make. Nick and I have not eaten at a midnight taco truck in months. MONTHS. So tonight, after the Duke basketball game we stopped by Tacorriendo Las Delicias on Hillsborough to reunite with our faithful midnight (although it was only 10:30pm) food haunt.

Four tacos: two al pastor, one lengua, and one barbacoa. Not pictured: arroz con leche.


It was as delicious as we remembered. Must come back more often...

Lyndsay, I saw a van at the other end of the parking log advertising tacos de birria y consome. Maybe reason #2478 you should visit Durham??

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So Halloween was more than a week ago...oops. I've been pretty busy with school, if that's any excuse. I was Little Red Riding Hood. Friends pictured: Carmen as a gnome, me, Emily as Medusa, and Katy as Smurfette.


Here are Steve and Nick's matching costumes:


They're the red and blue tanks from the Wii Play game. Steve also made his blue tank an Obama tank with campaign stickers. Too bad we didn't have any McCain stickers! (I don't know anybody that does, here) That would have been funny, right? They were throwing ping pong balls at each other all night. =)

The costumes were mainly recycled materials. They got a christmas tree box from target for free, where they bought the red and blue wrapping paper. the cardboard tubes, ping pon balls, plastic cannon ends, and cds were from the Scrap Exchange, a creative reuse center that gets stuff from industry that would otherwise go to the dump. Go Steve and Nick and beign environmentally friendly!